The International Ice Cross Sports Federation will provide guidelines for national events. They will have the right to endorse all ice cross tracks, events, leagues, championships, tours and any ice cross activities which will help with worldwide exposure of the sport. The World Ice Cross League (WICL) is the first professional athlete ice cross league that allows all sorts of sponsors and brands (approved by the WICL) to take part in the events, tour, tracks and athlete sponsorship. The WICL World Cup Championship Tour is the first professional ice cross athlete tour and will take place in many countries around the world on approved WICL tracks. This tour will crown a World Cup Championship Team and Individual at the end of every season.


The International Ice Cross Sports Federation (IICSF) was founded in 2014. The IICSF is the governing body responsible for all forms of Ice Cross worldwide. Working closely with national associations and private enterprises the IICSF aims to develop World Ice Cross sports as a major world media and entertainment sport for all ages. This will be accomplished through world-class planning and organization of competitions, marketing and development activities. The IICSF plans to be a part of and contribute to the success of Winter Olympic Games. The IICSF will give guidelines to national country events, have the right to endorse all ice cross tracks, events, Leagues, Championships, Tours etc. any ice cross activities to help with world wide exposure of the sport of ice cross. The IICSF is an international federation of national (different country) ice cross associations that governs the World Ice Cross sport (uphill, downhill, variable grades and/or flat surfaces).


Please click on the buttons bellow to read, download or print a PDF with the rules & regulations for "Red Bull Crashed Ice" and the "Riders Cup". Athletes competing in one or both of these 2 racing competitions accumulate points for the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

The Advisory Board is the IICSF’s highest legislative body and makes decisions about the rules of the race, the statutes and the bylaws (The Statutes, Bylaws and Regulations Handbook). The Advisory Board represents the interests of the IICSF in all external matters. The members are responsible for decisions made in accordance with the federation’s statutes, bylaws and regulations and have the right to sign, alter, set forth any new or updated Bylaws, Statutes, and Regulations on behalf of the IICSF.

  • To govern, develop and promote ice cross throughout the world
  • To develop and control international ice cross racing
  • To promote amiable relations among the member national associations
  • To operate in an organized and integral manner at all times
  • To conduct all affairs according to its statutes, bylaws and regulations
  • To hold a clear jurisdiction of world ice cross internationally
  • To create international regulations and official playing rules
  • To aid in the development of young players, coaches and referees
  • To assist with all events of the IICSF
  • To oversee the international player transfers

  • To ensure that the IICSF mission is in line with all actions taken for future sustainability
  • To effectively help developing National Associations with their development projects
  • To allocate funds to projects that will be impactful at the national level
  • To ensure growth of young players and teams
  • To help National Ice Cross associations educate the school systems of the new sport by promoting Ice Cross events locally and nationally
  • To support new National Associations to develop competitive national teams through targeted projects, team building and talent identification programs
  • To support joint projects in collaboration with governmental agencies

World Ice Cross, LLC would also be a part of the association by serving on the executive committee and/or acting in an advisory capacity. The Association rules will limit membership of the executive committee to no more than six “identified individuals” or “organizations”, and that any vacancy will be filled by a vote of the remaining executive committee members. The net result is that the Association would be under control of the “identified individuals”. World Ice Cross LLC would be the advisor for these initial discussions. If a decision is decided upon, the perspective association will become the client, and a new client relationship will be established. The identified individuals will discuss how that effort should be organized and funded. The National Ice Hockey Association has expressed an interest in promoting the sport from many different countries.

The IICSF assists in development of the National (Country’s) Ice Cross Associations. The key behind the initiative is to increase support for grass roots development, with the beneficiary in the long term being ice cross right around the world. In 2014, the World Ice Cross LLC, was launched to work in line with the IICSF where, through all national ice cross associations have the opportunity to propose projects for funding.


The aim of the World Ice Cross LLC is to assist with direct implementation of new projects that are likely to improve the performance and situation of Ice Cross at the national level. This will allow National Associations to develop and grow through close collaboration with their local stakeholders, governmental agencies and other collaborating organizations. Projects should demonstrate that they have adequate administrative capacity and are realistic, both in terms of implementation and by obtaining measurable results.

wica_ice cross


The World Ice Cross, LLC will assist in the establishment of the National Ice Cross Association’s for the advancement of the sport of Ice Cross. Each National Association would be non-profit and would need to be registered (have legal standing) in order to accomplish the following 4 objectives:

1. Encourage ski resorts and similar winter sport venues in their country to build ice cross tracks

2. Sponsor ice cross events and competitions within their country’s, such the county’s Cup (Finish Cup)

3. Support National athletes interested in competing in international Professional competitions

4. Serve as the organizing entity for the sport of ice cross, with the goal of having ice cross as a Winter Olympic sport

The combination of existing established Associations is being discussed. For example the Finnish Ice Hockey Association has considered a sub Finish Ice Cross Association which would stand on its own with a strong autonomy within Ice cross having its own sponsor deals, web sites etc. By combining associations this helps with contact to the government, bookkeeping services, support, credibility and creates more contacts for large sponsor deals. Arttu Pihlainen, a former World Champion in the Rd Bull Ice Cross series, has offered to serve as the Chairman of the Association (Arttu organized the Finish Cup events in 2013 and 2014), and he has identified other individuals and organizations that are willing to assist in Finland. This same procedure will be duplicated within all other countries wanting to participate in the sport of Ice Cross.


National Ice Cross Associations

Each countries National Ice Cross Association will hold regional Ice Cross practices, clubs, and training camps – growing the sport of Ice Cross globally.

  • All ages/skill levels may join as a member of their countries National Ice Cross Association.
  • National Associations will be built up of interested Community Reps, Coaches, Athletes, and Ice Cross Members/Supporters.
  • All formed National Associations will be governed by the International Ice Cross Sports Federation (IICSF) and their board of officials.
  • Coaches will organize practices for their teams, and match-up races with other regional teams.
  • Athletes will be placed on regional teams, depending on age and skill level.
  • Points will be awarded to players at each match up race, and over the season.
  • At the end of each season - the National Association will crown a National Cup Championship Team & an Individual, with the highest point standing.

Volunteer organization need to be formed run by parents for the benefit of our children. The fees that we all pay help to defray the costs of running the next ice cross club, including paying our coaches and keeping the track and other technical equipment up-to-date. However, without the efforts of our parents, the ice cross sport may not take off in your community.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to organize a successful race season and to put on the races each year. To insure the participation of all parents, each family is required to pay a deposit as security for the completion of volunteer duties. WE SUGGEST that your community/city organization will refund the duty deposit in proportion to the family’s fulfillment of its duties. Volunteers are encourage to exceed the minimum duty requirements and will be specially recognized for such efforts.

Unlike most volunteer organizations, this new sport of ice cross offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. Track preparation, maintenance, gate keeping, is far from the only volunteer opportunity offered by your ice cross organization. Gate keeping is an essential part of each race, and we do not want to discourage parents from signing up for gate keeping duty. However, we do want to advise parents of other rewarding ways of contributing to the ice cross club. It is also important for the continuation of the club that more people learn the other aspects of race day, such as racer organization and race administration. As our children grow and move on, so do their parents. To assure the viability of a club into the future, we must have people ready and capable of stepping into the many roles filled by parents in a club / organization.