The International Ice Cross Sports Federation was founded in 2014. Representatives from Canada, Finland, and the USA discussed the first formations, and later signed the founding document. The IICSF is registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2014, Finland hosted the first World Ice Cross League Cup competition. Before the World Ice Cross League hosted the first competition, Red Bull has held Redbull Crashed Ice races since 2001. The races were very successful series of competitions with tens of thousands of fans watching the entertainment. The success and the publicity from the Red Bull Energy drink gave the ‘wings’ for the launch of the World Ice Cross League and to make Ice Cross an official Worldwide sport. The introduction of 8 player Teams, the Rally player, the “contact area” rule and many other new developments will make the sport much more attractive and entertaining to watch for all ages and very appealing for all brands and sponsors around the globe.



The Ice Cross market has a lot of potential and already includes all ages of all skill levels from children to athletes. The sport is anticipated worldwide, ice cross sports areas may include all country’s and cities with Ice Hockey arenas to summer areas that anyone could practice inline skating , can make this one of the worlds fastest growing sports.


  • To ensure that the IICSF mission is in line with all actions taken for future sustainability
  • To effectively help developing National Associations with their development projects
  • To allocate funds to projects that will be impactful at the national level
  • To ensure growth of young players and teams
  • To help National Ice Cross associations educate the school systems of the new sport by promoting Ice Cross events locally and nationally
  • To support new National Associations to develop competitive national teams through targeted projects, team building and talent identification programs
  • To support joint projects in collaboration with governmental agencies